Hemp Industry Consulting

Cannabis industry Consulting


Looking to get into the hemp industry?  No matter what you are growing for we can help.  Whether it be for fiber/hurd, seed/oil or CBD we have the knowledge to get your farm up and running.  We start off by looking at the land you have chosen and determine the best plots of land to plant in.  We obtain the agriculture license thru your state to ensure the proper reporting and compliancy methods.  Next we determine methods for irrigation, soil content, and harvesting solutions.  We also look at our options for providing different genetics to ensure compliancy.  We can also offer clones from farms that are producing low THC content genetics.

We come to your farm and assess every component necessary to cultivate the hemp you want to harvest each season.  We look at the marketplace to determine viable options to secure contracts before we even put plants in the ground.  We are fully committed to the success of the hemp industry in America and work closely with the cannabis industry to ensure that our outdoor growing methods can coexist with the cannabis cultivators. 

We also can provide options for processing your CBD.  Whether you want to make vape pens, CBD patches, lotions or any of the countless other amazing products coming out we have the methodology and equipment to make your products a thriving brand.  We can provide equipment that follows the state and local laws to ensure that you are always compliant in all aspects of the hemp industry in your area.  No matter what you want to accomplish in the hemp industry we have the experience to answer your questions and ensure that you successful in every aspect.  Back

Our team of industry professionls has the experience and tools to help on any level.  We can provide original genetics that no other company in the world has.  We can even set up breeding programs where we breed genetics specifically for your operation. We have a proven track record with experience and knowledge to make you one of the best producing licenses in the world. 

We have tried and tested methods for cannabis cultivation and have seen numbers around 4lbs per light.  We also have methods for increasing how many cycles you are capable of growing in a calendar year.  We are constantly doing research and design on new products and always striving to increase not only quantity; but quality as well. 

We have the experience necessary to avoid making all of the common mistakes when setting up a commercial grow.  We can provide equipment solutions for every aspect of indoor and outdoor cultivation.  We can provide detailed training manuals and standard operating procedures for every position within a commercial grow. There is nothing we won't do to ensure that you are successful right out of the gate.  Back