Zane is an experienced and passionate horticulture professional who was born with a green thumb.  Plants, growing, problem solving and an attention for detail have attributed to his growing skills and accomplishments in the evolving landscape of cultivation.  
       With years of experience growing in one of Colorado’s largest commercial greenhouses,  Zane has developed skills, procedures and methods in quality plant production.  Zane has several years experience as the owner of Freida Farms where they produce high quality CBD extract for vape pens, lotions, salves, transdermal patches as well as many other products.

      Freida Farms is a family owned, local Colorado Hemp farm dedicated to growing premium quality, certified medical CBD for those in need. If you are looking for high-quality CBD isolate or distillate we can fill any order.  Whether it be by the gram or kilo please email us thru the contact  page and we can provide COA's and Pricing Information.

      Zane is also an expreienced breeder and genetics expert with years of experience crossing both hemp and cannabis varieties.  Over time he has learned to stabilize genetics and has proven to be one of the best breeders in all of Northern Colorado.  When looking for help with getting a hemp farm started, look no further than right here.

        We are a full service consulting agency located in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Our consultants have the experience necessary to take your grow or MIP operation from the ground up to a fully functional licensed and accredited brand.  With years of experience in the regulated market we know what it takes to be successful in this emerging industry.  Our consultants are experts in licensing, genetics, breeding, indoor/outdoor cultivation, hemp agriculture, compliancy, proprietary extraction methods and so much more.

       We can provide you with everything needed to achieve your first harvest such as; acquiring licensing, writing standard operating procedures, integrated pest management solutions, training manuals, advice on equipment purchasing with regards to lighting, dehumidification, growing mediums, irrigation systems, environmental controllers and much more.  We can also meet all of your soil needs with custom blends and over 25 ammendments available to build YOUR perfect soil. We can write nutrient programs that have been tested to produce the highest quality cannabis possible.  We can offer every aspect of HR with full payroll services, general liability and workman's comp insurance as well as complete PEO services.  We can also provide UV resistant uniforms branded with your logo to protect your workers as well as your investment.

       We also can provide hydrocarbon extractors that can meet all of your hash oil needs. We work with butane and propane to make all types of hashish including, wax, shatter, honeycomb, crumble and budder. We also offer a shortpath distillation system if you are in the market to make vape pens, high quality edibles, transdermal patches, lotions, creams; as well as many other products.  If you are looking to go the solventless route we offer both a commercial and residential rosin press at very affordable prices. Please visit us on the contact page with any additional questions.  We look forward to hearing from you!


Zack Lantz

Extraction Consultant

Fort Collins, CO

JD Garrick

Chief Executive Officer

Fort Collins, CO


Zane Kunau

Hemp/Genetics Consultant

Fort Collins, CO




       Zack is the owner of Illuminated Extractors.  After several years in the Navy, Zack developed the tools necessary to design the Essential 4K hydrocarbon extractor.  One of the safest machines on the market today we can provide Engineer Peer Reviewed reports with engineer seals for California, Colorado, Maryland, Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Washington.  As more states allow hydrocarbon extractions we can guarantee that our machines will be approved in your state or country.  All of our machines are ceritified by Pressure Safety Inspectors for both propane and butane use capable of being used in cryogenic processes.

      Zack is an expert in all things related to extractions.  He has designed short-path distillation systems, thin-wiped film evaporators, rotary evaporators, rosin presses and much more.  If you are looking to take your MIP to the highest level possible, we can provide standard operating procedures and good manufacturing processes for every type of extraction, allowed by law, as well as design every aspect of your commercial kitchen. 

       We offer consulting services to make distillate, live resin, terp sauce, shatter, wax, honeycomb, vape pens, topicals, transdermal patches, edibles and drinks; as well as many other marijuana infused products.  We also can provide alcohol extractors and training for the hemp industry wishing to process their CBD.  Whether it be isolate or distillate, we have you covered.

      Currently in the developmental stages of several new designs Zack is preparing to revolutionize the extraction industry.  You are not gonna want to miss the products that will be coming to you in the very near future...